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Power Saves and Kills.

Amanda is still being hunted, but Zorn isn’t the only predator. A new threat plagues the Nation of Emaji. The Diyen struggle to protect Amanda from the unpredictable Harrow. Amanda travels to the Oracle, in hopes of learning to control her powers. The trip may be the undoing of everything.

Kenazi is no longer the man he knew, and he blames Ema. Having abandoned his vows to the Sanctum, Kenazi wrestles with his new identity as a warg, and the pressure to save his people from Zorn and Rasha. They can all die, for all he cares, until Zorn provides good cause to reconsider.

Simon is a wraith--the first of his kind. As leader of the Harrow, his orders are simple: kill the Sparrow. Not even death will prevent this goal, though a mysterious gift might delay it.

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